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In addition to energy - and cost-saving products. Armstrong provides comprehensive services. We offer turn-key installation, operation and maintenance services; steam and compressed air system audits; steam strap management ; process drying optimization; condensate system improvement; insect heat treatment; and hot water solutions for process, safety, sanitation 

Armstrong offers the following utility system and service solutions:
  • Steam and Condensate Solutions - Steam trapping and steam tracing equipment, testing and monitoring,strainers, air vents, liquid drainers and condensate recovery equipment 
  • Hot water Solutions - Hot Water heaters, balancing vavles, radiator products, mixing valves and hose stations
  • Heat Transfer Solutions: Heating and cooling coils , unit heaters, and tank heaters
  • Humidfication Solutions: Conditioned steam humidifiers, gas fired humidifiers, electric steam humidifiers and fogging systems
  • Pressure/Temperature Control Solutions - Pressure reducing valves and temperature regulators
  • Armstrong Service Solutions - Armstrong Service offers complete utility system optimization services for industrial, institutional and commercial facilities worldwide. We provide team system audits and utility system performance evaluations; long term operation and maintenance to ensure best in class performance ; turn key sustaining engineering that includes installation and continuing engineering solutions; utility optimization , which allows us to identify energy-saving projects within your utility system ; and utility monetization , whereby we purchase your utility assets to free up  cash for use elsewhere in your organization .
▪  Xingxing Pipes
▪  Cleaver Brook Boiler
▪  AVK Valves
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