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AVK Valves

The AVK Group is leading the way

In every part of the world there is a need for using the available resources in the most rewarding way. Clean water, safe and efficient handling of waste water, and protection against fires. These are some of the benefits that we invite the world to profit from when using AVK products.

The AVK Group operates in water, gas, sewage, fire protection, industry ship building, pulp, paper and oil segments. The AVK Group profits from years of manufacturing experience combined with an in-depth commercial knowledge of market needs around the world. The group consists of a number of international companies that think globally, but act with individualised designs and solutions in order to make local footprints.

As a result, we have more than 50 subsidiaries or partners located on the European, American, Asian and African continents. We value the importance of local customers being serviced by local sales organisations, as it is crucial for the continued development of the AVK Group that we maintain the proximity to our end users who can provide us with valuable market and product feed-back. The expansion and success of the AVK Group depend on brand recognition and brand acceptance. Only by listening to our customers, we will be able to keep living up to the market expectations of today.

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